Jan (유진) is a dreamer at heart, with a fascination for the ethereal and the ephemeral.  She strives to live by the inspiring concept of 生き甲斐. Ikigai is her way of embracing life as it unfolds, to appreciate imperfection, to treasure the happy memories and to 'see' what is essential with her heart.

She seeks inspiration from painting with watercolours, listening to jazz music, discovering thoughtful poetry and watching films with beautiful cinematography.  Photography found her when the introverted wanderer discovered that the camera helped her to break the ice with strangers and to forge new friendships during her travels. She developed the knack of bonding with her subjects whilst capturing the shared moments. She found her calling to be a storyteller through the cinematic language, equally comfortable photographing spaces, still-life and people. She sees photography as a medium to express her ideas as she tries to inject emotion and meaning in her diverse subjects with an artful play of light and shadows.

Based out of Seoul, Japan and Singapore, nevertheless you will find her at different corners of the world, chasing the light, to create heartfelt visuals out of the ordinary moments in life.

If you are looking for someone who can capture the organic beauty that you are, or wish to purchase a piece of her photo-art, or have an exciting assignment to explore, she would love to hear from you at somekindofbeautiful@me.com.
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Instagram ID: somekindof_beautiful